Fashion driven, textile influenced belts & jewelry in gold & silver move from casual day to special occasion.

Marjorie Bear 

"I also strive for meaning in the pieces and for a feeling of cultural connection. The forms and look cannot be random; they have to make sense in cultural terms, connecting us with the symbolic heritage of our ancient societies and indigenous people. Each piece is made to last and resonate the enduring values that inspire me."

Suzi Roher

Designer Suzi Roher creates her eclectic, handmade belts in the belief that women appreciate an element of fantasy. Whether classic in style or at cutting edge of trend, these belts have an aspirational quality. They invite the wearer to embrace those things that make her unique.

Each creation is lovingly crafted in the European atelier tradition for superb fit in the best fashion. Determined to maintain the most rigorous quality control, Roher personally oversees the manufacture of her designs from her own factory in Toronto. Today, Suzi Roher’s handmade belts may be found at prestigious merchants throughout the United States, Canada and Europe.


Baggallini : www.baggallini.com

Baggallini Inc. was founded in 1995 by Dixie Powers and Ann Simmons when the two veteran flight attendants recognized a need for more fashionable and functional tote bags, handbags and travel accessories. Since their modest start, baggallini has grown to be recognized as a worldwide leader in creating products that are incredibly organized and look as good as they perform. Especially popular are our everyday use totes bags, wallet bags, messenger bags and cosmetic/jewelry organizer bags. baggallini was founded on the belief that bags can be functional and fun to carry, and to this day we continue to build bags that deliver on this promise.

Carol Miller

My first love has always been handbags. I love the smell of the leather, the suppleness of it and the way I can mold it to a shape I love. I also enjoy creating my own colors and patterns with the tanneries I work with in the US and Europe. In the fall, I work with wool and leathers together and in the summer, raffia and leather.

Please take a look at my bags, they are soft and plush, but also functional. I enjoy fitting my bags on REAL women and getting feedback from my ultimate customers, YOU!

A memorable meal starts with the best ingredients, I use the finest leathers from Italy, Germany, Colombia and the US. My fabrics, linings and hardware are top of the line. I handpick every leather, fabric and hardware.

Helen Kaminski

Helen Kaminski is a leading brand of fashion and lifestyle accessories. Based in Sydney, Australia the company’s international reputation for innovative headwear and hats with a relaxed chic attitude extends over 25 years.  Stylish and functional created from raffia using traditional handcraft methods is the signature of the brand.

High Way : www.highwaybuzz.com

Highway is a full line of designer shoulder bags, laptop bags, handbags and wallets.

In the winter of 2000, long-time New York fashion and fabric designer Jem Filippi, inspired by street fashion, fine art and industrial design, established Hiponica---her original line of bags and accessories. Jem’s design-conscious retail vision culminated by opening her Hiponica accessories store in Nolita, Manhattan’s local fashion neighborhood.

In the spring of 2005, the Hiponica store and brand name evolved into Highway, with a strong following of local and international hipsters. Highway represents functionality, creative textures and sophisticated colors. Highway bags are primarily made from fine Japanese nylons with leather accents and touches of artful embroideries or prints.

Icon : www.iconshoes.com

Printed leather purses, handbags and accessories in a unique variety of designs, influenced by French poster art, Japanese prints, and Warhol-like pop-art soup cans.

Inge Christopher

Launched in 1986, Inge Christopher is known for its high quality special occasion handbags.  They use a variety of embroidery and beading techniques to create a unique look which is distinctively Inge Christopher.  Design influences range from vintage to retro to modern art.

Inge Christopher handbags are also worn by many celebrities including the main characters on the popular HBO series "Sex and the City".


Mywalit was founded in Lucca, Italy in 2005, when we opened our first shop in the old Roman Amphitheatre, at the heart of the cosmopolitan shopping district of this historic town in Tuscany. So why are our products so special? Innovative design, inspired colour palettes and the finest soft nappa leathers are crucial to our success. Hold one of our purses, wallets or bags in your hands and you know it’s something you want to live with.

Sea Lily

She + Lo

Offering everyday handbags with an edge, she + lo collections can be found in select boutiques across the U.S.

she + lo (a nod to each of the partners’ nicknames) is Infused with an urban, West Coast vibe, yet designed to appeal to the sensibility of women across different regions, she + lo embraces custom craftsmanship as well as current trends. Many of its bags are convertible, morphing to reflect personal style, such as those with a longer detachable strap that allows a classic satchel, for example, to be worn long as a hobo or cross-body. Consumers can choose from a variety of shapes, from slouchy bags and messengers to more sturdy totes, clutches and wristlets.

Sondra Roberts

About Us.  Thirty years ago Sondra Roberts launched a revolution in style crafting affordable handbags out of the world’s finest leathers and most exotic materials.  Today that vision is the best kept secret in women’s fashion.  Ask any Sondra Roberts woman and she will tell you that she returns again and again for handbags that deliver timeless style, quality that lasts decades, versatility for everyday life, and the savviest value in women’s accessories.  That value has allowed our customers to build collections of bags in every style, for every occasion, and to look on trend whether their bag is brand new or decades old.

About You.  You are a savvy, sophisticated and versatile woman, equally comfortable at the soccer game, in the kitchen, on the dance floor, or in the boardroom.  You want a bag that lets you be all the different women you can be, with a unique style that garners attention, at a reasonable price.  Sondra Roberts offers you the most versatile selection of bags, in timeless styles, crafted to quality specifications honed over 30 years, at a price point that lets you buy as many bags a season as your life demands.


Sorial chooses the finest Italian lambskin so that each handbag and accessory is durable, light weight, and original. Every handbag combines street chic design with business savvy functionality so that each silhouette can be worn from work all the way to the dinner party downtown. Pricing is also very important in today’s day in age; Sorial handbags filled the price void that the market was missing without compromising the beauty and lavishness of their leathers and hardware.

: HATS :


With a keen eye for color and design and an ability to combine both ways that bring out individual styles, Christine Woods started Shihreen Inc. in 1992. For the past 19 years, Christine has devoted herself to developing high quality products with vibrant color, interesting texture, and most importantly, superior workmanship.


Fly London

‘Always progressive, never conventional’  The FLY London range is more varied than ever before, they are dip-dyeing shoes in the entire summer palette, they  are making them from waxed canvas, printed toweling, soft canvas, and a new range of chunky leathers that don't need lining, as well as favorites from the past like RUG and MOUSSE... the result is daring, fun and unique looks. The range is bigger than ever before but completely varied and never repetitive. FLY London has enjoyed going where the inspiration has taken them; they like the results and hope that you do too.


Printed leather purses, handbags and accessories in a unique variety of designs, influenced by French poster art, Japanese prints, and Warhol-like pop-art soup cans.


AFA® boots & shoes are designed by exciting young talents from Israel, who take delight in the freedom to express themselves without the restrictions of a mass production facility – no matter how innovative or complex their vision, or how rare the materials needed to execute it.

JAFA® boots & shoes are made by hand, the way they have been for centuries: with passion, integrity and personal attention to every detail. Our designers employ couture quality leathers: buttery soft and lusciously colored. As well as hands-on construction secrets passed down through the generations, JAFA® boots & shoes enfold your foot like a second skin.

Our footwear is created for the woman whose fashion persona stands out from the crowd but whose busy life has no place for painful, poorly fitting shoes. If you are that woman, take a step up to the chic designs and superb, handmade comfort of JAFA®.

Naot : www.naot.com

Flexibility, femininity, flair.  Nestle into the softness and luxury of Naot shoes and sandals.  Feel the relaxation envelop your being as you slip into the natural fit of Naot's stylish women's footwear.


Since 1960, Waldlaufer has been producing fine European handcrafted footwear that is legendary for its incredible fit. By combining proven lasts, the finest leathers, and the highest quality components, we have found a formula for designing footwear that provides it’s wearers with superior comfort along with very wearable style. Waldlaufer is certainly one of Europe’s best kept footwear secrets. But now, the secret is out!

Walk Shoes

Founded in 2011 in Tel Aviv, Israel by Anat Dahari, Walk is a creator of modern and artisanal footwear. Walk shoes are created with the most shared human experience in mind, walking. Great care is taken in choosing materials and the crafting of the shoes themselves, often allowing the simplicity and rawness of the leather to mold and guide the design process. Minimalist and functional, architectural and organic, Walk is form and function come to life.


Wolky's history goes back to the early 80s. Already back then the Diks shoe stores sold a fair amount of comfort shoes. However, at the time these shoes were hardly fashionable. This prompted the company's founder, Kees Diks to develop a sandals line himself. After the introduction of the Wolky Nature line, the Wolky City line followed in 1989 with its fashionable and colorful sandals with a revolutionary insole consisting of cork and memory foam. After this success, Wolky introduced several shoe lines with removable insoles.



Positioned at the upper end of the market, Levante is recognized for offering everyday luxury to the discerning hosiery consumer.  With its hallmark features of Italian knitting know how and yarn technologies, the Levante brand is unsurpassed in Australia for innovation, style and quality. Levante Italy prides itself on its technological sophistication and efficiency, total quality management and ability to incorporate all stages of production internally, ensuring an end product to meet the highest consumer standards globally.

Sol Mates

Sol Mate's wool socks are knit with pre-shrunk, colorfast yarns. The yarns are custom-made for these particular socks. Sol Mate socks are machine washable and dryable and do not shrink or run. The left and right foot in a pair are mis-matched: They have the same five colors and same pattern design, but the colors are knit in a different order.



Calypso cards is an independent publisher and distributor of distinctive and contemporary greeting cards. The company is a woman-owned business that was founded and is managed by Nicky Burton, a veteran of the greeting card industry with a passion for the business and customer service, and it has grown successfully over the years by adding lines and products to its offerings.


Our company name is a play on the word “cathartic,” that freeing feeling that comes from getting strong, often long-held emotions out into the open. (After writing their memoir, the author will often be asked, "Was that cathartic for you?) If you are an avid card-sender you must discover the Cardthartic line.


Annie Turbin Designs

With a background in singing and songwriting, Annie Turbin's first hand-dyed and silkscreened textiles appeared in 1995. Her extensive line has grown with shawls, tee shirts, knit separates, scarves, and her signature high end silk collection. Annie Turbin's versatile designs are found in exclusive boutiques, specialty stores, and museum shops across the country. They offer many casual and formal wearing options with a guaranteed strong color presence.
Annie is deeply comfortable in the quiet solitude of the creative process. Creativity comes in many forms and Annie has always enjoyed the inner peace from designing a dress or writing a song.
This line of clothing is dedicated to the promotion of world friendship through the universal language of the arts* in all its forms. Wear beautiful art and watch the smiles bloom.

Belle Fare

For the past two decades, Belle Fare has developed innovative, cutting-edge fashion designs for a continuously changing fashion marketplace.

Our goal is to provide our customers with the highest quality products at the best possible prices. To achieve this, we use premium fur and fabrics imported from Europe, Canada and the United States and construct our garments in-house with superior production control, efficiency and safety standards.

Caron Miller

"Go with what you've got and show it off." Caron's creations are designed to embellish your basics (big, small - bodacious, or itty bitty). "Wearable art" is the way she describes all this craziness. "It's like painting with fabric."

Caron was born in Canada and started designing at an early age. Recognizing her innate talent for fashion and the visual arts, her father bought her first Singer sewing machine as a birthday present at the age of ten.  

Each of Caron's fabric buying trips begins with the donning of the right stones: Labradorite for creativity and vision to be exact. She peruses the LA fabric district in search of inspiration. Every fabric has its own story (sometimes even their own names!) in Caron's world. Traveling back up Highway 1 to her Santa Barbara "uncorporate hut-quarters", she's already begun designing in her mind's eye. And in the tranquility of the Zen garden outside her office she begins to fold them, pin them, and cut them into something that will make women their most "beautimous" (Caron's vocabulary for fabulous, gorgeous, and divinely beautiful).

Chan Luu

Skinny Scarves by Chan Luu.

Accessories are an important component of your everyday wardrobe, and the more you have, the more styling opportunities present themselves. Our collection of skinny scarves for women combines the colorful look of neck scarves with the classic refinement of jewelry for a fresh approach to timeless style.

Our original skinny design debuted in 2005 and quickly became a staple piece for celebrities and trendsetters alike. Today’s scarves are enhanced with modern details and artsy embellishments for a look that’s romantic, playful and limitlessly versatile.

Elegant and subtle, these beautiful pieces offer a bohemian take on traditional neckwear. Crafted by hand, our skinny scarves are made with soft blends of silk and viscose chiffon for a luxurious feel against the skin. These lightweight designs are ideal for layering with your favorite necklaces or making a stylish statement all their own.

Christa Louise

Each Christa Louise creation is its own world of color and texture.  These unique pieces are fusions of merino wool and silk. Every scarf/wrap is meticulously hand-crafted by village women in Mexico who have been taught the fine art of nuno felting. 

This is an all-natural technique utilizing only soap and water.  Through a process of hand massage, the individual wool fibers are forced through a piece silk fabric where they interlock and are felted to the silk itself.  As the wool fibers fuse to one another, the fabric is drawn together, resulting in the puckered effect visible on the reverse side of the garment.    

Christine Spangler

Lancaster artist / weaver.  Shawls and scarves woven in chenille and alpaca.

Debbie Martin Designs

Debbie has spent her entire career in product design and merchandising. Spanning high-end specialty retailers (Bergdorf’s, Barney's and Bloomingdales) to department stores (Macy's) and vertical specialty brand operations (Chico's and Talbots). Her focus has always been brand development for apparel and accessories. She is excited to take her years of experience to launch her exclusive scarf collection that showcases all her visual passions.

Debbie has partnered with mills in India run by three generations of scarf makers. The collection offers the finest quality scarves in multiple sizes. Her designs are in natural fabrics ranging from cashmere, wool, silk, and cotton blended with Modal/Rayon. This provides a soft and airy hand feel.

She embraces technology with new digital printing methods that capture the multitude of colors in her designs. The exclusive artwork of this collection focuses on key fashion trends with a sense of fun and whimsy. The collection represents great value to reach customers of all ages and lifestyles. A partnership for production with factories in China will offer a volume price point collection that possesses the same creative fashion forward esthetic.

Enjoy the journey with Debbie and see her inspirations.


Echo the source since 1923, for the most beautifully designed scarves and wraps  - from classics to the newest trends.

Elizabeth Gillett

Elizabeth Gillett, trained as an artist, painter and printmaker at Hartwick College, was unable to find a replacement for a favorite lost scarf so she designed her own. Within months this same velvet scarf was being sold at Barney's New York, and soon after she was running a full-fledged accessories business out of her fourth floor walk-up Manhattan studio. Now we're in a sun-filled studio in the heart of NYC's inspiring, singular garment district. With an enthusiastic team of individuals we produce trend items throughout the year for boutiques nationwide, department stores and private label clients.

The Felted Garden

Every time I take out some fiber, it becomes a blank canvas. Even if I try to make the same scarf twice, something changes; there's always something different to add or a proportion to change. I love the feel of the fiber. I love pulling in apart, putting colors together, and seeing how far I can go with a design concept. I am not a technique felter. I love and admire their work.  But I work with pattern, texture and color. I want to see a design move and change. My best scarves are ones where the patterns almost become abstract. You know it's a leaf or a pattern, but the twists and turns of the cloth change and distort the original idea. I also love fashion, so I design scarves for the woman who wants to wear something unique with her camel or black coat, or, like me, an added touch with her favorite sweater. 'Warm Jewelry' I call it.  You don't need anything but a pair of jeans, a turtleneck and a great scarf!

Fig & Bella

From the serene beauty of New York's Hudson Valley comes Fig & Bella, a modern anthology of scarves.

Using the finest fibers of natural materials such as cashmere, silk, wool, cotton, linen, as well as viscose, we reinterpret traditional dyeing techniques using a modern color palette and abstract textures. Every Fig & Bella wool, silk, viscose, & tie dye cashmere scarf is individually dyed by hand in the Hudson Valley. Our cashmere is carefully sourced from master artisans and dyers in Nepal, with whom we work closely to produce only the finest quality scarves. Luxuriously worn as a head wrap, around the neck, around the shoulders, or even around the waist, our scarves appeal to stylish women and men everywhere.

Subtle and casual for everyday. Each is unique. Each is handwritten.

Giselle Shepatin

"I want each piece in my collection to have a spontaneous and fresh look, and the flower embellishments to look as if they are still growing."

Calling her look American Whimsy, Giselle Shepatin loves designing clothing that combines unique textiles and yarns from around the world with her own handmade textiles and embellishments.

Shepatin often incorporates yarn and fabric from past collections into the current year's art clothing. She reinterprets, reassembles, and cultivates her resources to create clothing that makes the wearer feel the spontaneous energy through the cloth.

Customers have occasionally said that they have seen Shepatin's clothing in their dreams. They thought it was a fantasy, and were so excited to see that their dreams had become a waking reality.


Jeung-Hwa Park is a full-time studio textile artist who attends highly recognized fine craft shows as well as museum and gallery exhibitions both nationally and internationally. "The spirit of my knitting is inspired by Yin and Yang philosophy which restores the proper harmonic balance between two principles. Combined together, the two forces embody the concept of continual movement, balance, and harmony. My knitting creates harmony when two different elements are mixed together as positive and negative effects." Evidence of her success has been numerous awards and the purchases of her work for significant collections, including those of the Museum of Arts and Design (New York) and Kwangju International Biennale. With a subtle balance of content, context, and technique, Jeung-Hwa Park has transformed uniform knitting into "unorthodox cultivate luxury." Park uses a contemporary adaptation of the ancient resist dyeing technique in combination with the ancient practice of felting. The knitted fabrics are bound, tied, stitched, cramped, or folded to prevent certain areas from absorbing color. By marrying the spirit of Yin and Yang, traditional technique and modern technology, the sense of hand craft and machine knitting, Park creates innovative wearables that bring a new sculptural and textural sense of aesthetics to the art of knitting.

Jitni by Bella

Cynthia Ostroff launched Bella Accessories in 2004. What started out as a hobby for her quickly turned into a thriving business. She finds inspiration for her designs from her frequent travels in Europe as well as from the art she collects. Cynthia is also influenced by her childhood in Long Island, growing up on the beach, surrounded by nature. She has studied Chinese brush painting and Japanese wood block prints, aesthetics that also find their way into her distinctive designs. This year Cynthia is transitioning the Bella label to Jitni and expanding the company's product offerings. Trademarks of the business include luxurious scarves made from cashmere, silk, and fine knits, all at affordable prices.

Leni Hoch

Leni Hoch is a master at dyeing silk in complex and creative ways and transforming it into elegant scarves that are truly feminine. Her colors are sensitive and rich and change with the seasons.


These unique jacquard scarves are designed and woven in a artisanal atelier in the south of France, made of organic cotton and washed with a famous vegetable olive soap “Savon de Marseille”.

Special know-how techniques help preserve scarves' vibrant and vivid colors. There is a wide range of colors and patterns, which create collections for both Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter seasons. Each scarf comes with its own exclusive name-tag and passport to show its eco-friendly nature: environmental impact approved by Alter-Tex and the government of France.


LUA's natural, soft and luxurious silk yarns are meticulously raised and cultivated in remote villages of Vietnam by small communities of highly skilled silk farmers and weavers.  Fabrics are then woven on antique looms and hand dyed to achieve the most captivating range of colors.   Scarves are hand crafted by local artisans before they are imported to the company's headquarter in Los Angeles, California.   LUA scarves are often produced in limited quantities to insure that each piece is handled with care, thus achieving the best quality possible.

While maintaining their original love for silk, LUA has since expanded to other fabrics, such as soft wool, cotton, and viscose to add a variety of textures and dimensions to the collection.

Paisley Road

We are not designers, rather we are product editors and "developers." This means in practice we are always looking for new ideas and new styles. When we find ones we think highly of, we will add them to our line...provided we think the design and quality will be interesting for our customers. But mostly we work with producers, designers or artisans who we admire...and ask them to develop specific styles for us...and then usually after a few iterations, add these to our line. Often we will request that colors are synched up to the latest forecasts, but other times, if a color is just right as conceived or rendered by the designer, then we will follow their lead.

Pomegranite Moon

Inspired by the color and whimsy of the crafts in the Nepali marketplace when visiting Nepal with a friend, I launched Pomegranate Moon in 2009 in hopes of bringing the same magic to the states. We collaborated with a group of felt artisans to explore new techniques, marrying our cultures into a line of products; we worked together at the felting tables; we studied Polly Sterling's Nuno felting techniques; we brainstormed different materials and fabrics and discovered a plethora of possibilities from recycled vintage sari scarves; and, at last, a new branch of Ellen Ishee Studios was ready to launch--but it needed a name. POMEGRANATE MOON was born.


Sayami is New York based company offering beautiful selection of scarves, shawls, hats and gloves for more than a decade.  We only use finest quality of raw materials to produce our line. Our products range from precious cashmere to warm wools to soft silks. All our products come in different styles and all shades of colors. We have also added natural fiber as bamboo and cotton to extend our line.

Sayami is now a recognized brand name in scarves and found in top boutiques and major department stores in all around United States, Canada and some European countries.  Enjoy the beautiful selection of handmade pashmina, cashmere, fur, wool, bamboo, cotton and silk shawls and scarves available at SAYAMI.  Our collection comes in various colors and designs, made with only the finest quality materials. 


Tilo is a modern collection of scarves crafted from luxurious cashmere, silk and fine wool. The emphasis is on natural fibres, interesting textures and a modern colour palette.

Tilo launched in Canada for Fall 2008. Tilo is the brainchild of Sandy Lum. Sandy's experience in cashmere and textiles is evident in the luxurious and natural fibres chosen for Tilo and the emphasis on hand feel, drape and fold around the neck and shoulders of its wearer. Fabrics are often hand woven on looms over 100 years old which create fine and unique textures. Colour complement textures and echo current trends. Colour dye washes create a subtle and muted effect or colour may be bold and graphic in modern prints.

Tilo scarves are modern fashion accessory perfect to wear now and keep forever.

V. Fraas

Timeless elegance and latest fashion trends. The result of this unique combination is exclusive scarves, shawls or capes that give an outfit a personal touch. Whether glamorous or casual, classic or modern, sporty or elegant: FRAAS for every personality, every style and every occasion the ideal accessory.



Our passion, as well as our focus, are continuously enhancing to compliment the ever-changing fashion world. Each of our unique, eye-catching accessory and apparel collections are created with two essential inspiration elements: fashion designs from all over the world and the trends our customers desire and thrive upon. VEOND LLC creates exceptional pieces that are not only certain to make the statement of the season but lead the future of the fashion world towards those trending creations.


Open Mon-Sat 10am - 5pm, Thursday to 7pm - 49 East Main Street, Lititz, PA 17543 - 717.627.2244   info@tigerseyelititz.com